What would you do? What would you do if you went through a drive-thru to order fast food, went to pay, and accidentally handed the cashier the wrong bill, overpaying by a significant amount? Most people use cards to pay these days, but from time to time some will still pay with cash. When you have to make a quick stop to get your child some food, it typically is cheap enough that cash is more acceptable, but handing the wrong bill could be a massive mistake you will regret. If you notice your oops, what would you do?

The Most Expensive Happy Meal

Credit: Photodisc
Credit: Photodisc

Recently a friend of mine went to get her child a kid's meal, and instead of paying with a $1 bill, she handed a $100 bill to the cashier. She got a little bit down the road before realizing her mistake. She turned around and went back to see if she could get her bill back, but was unsuccessful in her attempt. Most businesses would find this attempt to be fraud or a scam, and it is nearly impossible to prove you handed over the wrong bill, making it tough to get it back. If you noticed you gave a bill with more zeros on it than you thought how would you handle the situation? 

Paying with the Wrong Bill at Restaurant

Credit: Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash
Credit: Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

Anytime you pay with cash, it is easy to be in a conversation and not pay attention to what bills you are grabbing, or perhaps some of them stick together. If you are at a sit-down restaurant and notice it, the waiter or waitress will likely bring you change back and it is easier to get your money back, but you might be expected to tip more, with them knowing how much you have now. In a drive-thru, it is nearly impossible to prove, especially once you have pulled away from the eating establishment. They could count their registers to see if it matches up, but even then it would be hard to prove. Cash isn't traceable, and that is what makes it tough. If you make this mistake, you better eat all the food and hopefully, it will be one of the best meals you have ever had, cause it costs plenty. 

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If you decide to pay cash the next time you go out to eat or through a drive-thru, make sure to double, and triple-check your bills, so you don't make the same mistake as my friend. You can try to get it back, but will likely be unsuccessful, or you can chalk it up to a loss and hope you have the best meal of your life. If you accidentally paid far too much for a meal, by handing over the wrong bill, what would you do?

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