What would you do? What would you do if you were at work, and the office had a bad smell in it? Would you complain to your coworkers or boss? Would you leave work for the day? Would you go to the store and buy some Lysol and hope to take care of it yourself? Most of us have been in a situation at one time or another where a smell takes over the work environment, and it can make it tough to focus, and it can make it tough to sit throughout the day in the stink. Depending on what the smell is and where it is coming from, may dictate how you react to the situation and how you handle it. If you are in the office and a smell takes over the area, what would you do?

Smelly Offices in Idaho

Credit: N8
Credit: N8

Many things can make an office stink in the state of Idaho, Having a window open when the wind is blowing in the right direction can bring some smells with it that will have you shutting the window quickly. There might be a coworker who threw something away that didn't belong in the office, there could be some trash that hasn't been taken out in a while, or perhaps you are sitting near a coworker who has a stomach ache and is releasing some smells to feel better. If the smell is coming from a coworker's area, do you say something to them, at the risk of embarrassing them, or do you keep it to yourself and let them stink and perhaps not be aware of it? It can be an uncomfortable situation, but is one that is a reality, especially this time of year with illnesses going around, and warmer weather making the trash stink a little more. 

How to Handle Smelly Offices in Idaho


If an office smells bad, you always have the option to leave and either work from home or take a half day. There are some smells nobody should have to sit through. Make it a rule in the office that nobody can heat fish, popcorn, or any foods that may stink up the workplace. Fish can linger for days, and burnt popcorn can ruin the day and an appetite. Trying to handle the situation with some fragrances is a good option, but they can often add to the smell as well. If the smell is coming from a coworker directly, it is a tough situation to handle, because you don't want to embarrass them, but you want to enjoy your day as well. Perhaps this can be a good excuse to go to lunch early or to go elsewhere in the building if that is an option. 

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From time to time, someone will have stomach issues, break the microwave rules, or leave something in the trash. It will make for a bad day at work, but could lighten the mood as well, and lead to some jokes and a story to tell. If you find yourself in a stinky office someday at work, what would you do?

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