What would you do? What would you do if you are walking through Walmart, Target, or Costco and a deer or a wild animal comes rushing into the store? Do you run and hide? Do you help? Do you pull out your gun and contemplate taking it down? Do you go about your business and let others deal with it and hope it never comes near you? Do you pull out your phone and record it? It would be a rare and unique situation, so how would you react and what would you do?

Deer Gets Tackled in Walmart

A few years ago at a Wisconsin Walmart, a deer got into the store, only to find itself being tackled by a brave and fearless employee. The woman not only tackled the deer before it could hurt anyone or cause any damage but then continued to hold it down and sit on it until help could arrive to remove it from the store. Watching the video above, kudos to the woman for reacting fast and being fearless, but also I have never heard a deer make that exact noise. As a customer in the store, how would you react to this, and had she not tackled it, what could have happened?

Wild Animal a Store

While wild animals getting in stores has been known to happen, but it is not common. In the video above, a deer walks right on it, due to the automatic sliding doors. With such easy access, these animals have nothing stopping them from entering. It is easy to sit here and think about what you would do, but at the moment it may be a little more difficult. While both of these videos are of deer, which are not aggressive animals, would your plan and reaction change for a raccoon, a squirrel, or a bear? Most of us are more likely to wrestle a deer than any of the other animals listed. 

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In this situation, I would most likely find a safe spot away from the animal, pull out my phone and watch what happens. It is not because I would be afraid of a deer, but I wouldn't know if the store has a plan or what to do. If a more aggressive animal was in the store, I would find the quickest way out, without drawing attention to myself. These videos serve as a reminder that animals in Wisconsin like to shop, and that by living in places with deer and other wild animals nearby you should be prepared for anything. If you ever see a deer or wild animal come into a store while you are there, what would you do? 

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