I guess I better be ready to use the points from my shopping card!  This was the scene at the Smith’s gas pumps in Twin Falls over the weekend.  I first saw it Saturday.  Nothing had changed on Sunday morning.  What you’re seeing would be called a misprint if it appeared in a story I was writing about Magic Valley gas prices.  Since a second sign offered the same regular grade for six dollars less, my first assumption was that someone had placed the wrong number on the character.  It didn’t appear to be discouraging anyone from buying gas.

We can have a good laugh at the temporary mistake, however.  If we continue down the foolish green energy path the government and globalist allies have mapped for us, this will soon be a reality.  Because there simply isn’t enough electricity generation to make the green dream come true.  And we don’t have the available minerals for the planned transition to a national (much less global) electric vehicle fleet.

The Wall Street Journal has a story (it’s behind a paywall) about the nation’s only cobalt mine.  Here in Idaho.  There was a groundbreaking last year.  Now the site is idle.  It can’t compete with foreign mines, which have fewer regulations and costs.  Our government could subsidize the mine, but the same greenies would file lawsuits to protect local biting insects.  That’s the conundrum.  The people who want the EV transition are opposed to mining what we need for the change.

The American Petroleum Institute surveyed last month and discovered that American voters overwhelmingly want oil and natural gas along with cheap energy.  You can criticize the poll as self-serving, but I’ve seen nobody calling out the methodology.  Indeed, API used a very large sample size.

For all the talk about our man-made hot summer, I assure you, it’s going to snow next winter.

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