I had seen this video a few days ago.  Then I forgot about it until in a meeting at work.  We started talking about stupid tourist tricks and I mentioned the angry elk from Yellowstone National Park.  Some of the other guys had seen the same video.  I went to the Facebook page called Stupid Tourists of Yellowstone Park, which is a wonderful archive of modern human stupidity.

Someone has posted a link to the elk story.  Some jackass (humankind) was taunting the local ungulate.

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The elk simply had enough and showed some skill and strength when it attacked the jackass’s vehicle.  The elk almost lifted the front end off the ground, then used its antlers to puncture a tire.  You can even hear the air escaping!

At this point, you remember the phrase just desserts.

If you think ill-tempered elk are rare, there’s another video making the rounds.  This one is from Colorado.  In this case, the driver wasn’t even looking for trouble.  The animal somehow saw the pickup truck as a challenger.

I think the words stay away can’t always be followed.  Of course, you can take evasive maneuvers as the driver did in Colorado.

I’ve had a few close calls in life.  I’ve encountered moose in three separate instances.  The first two times the animals ran away.  The third time was in Jackson.  A massive bull wandered into the road, three vehicles ahead of me.  He showed no fear and took his good old time crossing the road.  Nobody taunted him.

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