I guess all moose look big from a human perspective, but I thought the above animal was pretty good sized for Hagerman, Idaho.  Hagerman isn’t usually known as a moose habitat.

Jordan Kolsen shot some video as he was driving.  This was a few days ago.  He admits he was surprised to see the moose trotting in a field near town.  I generally think of moose as being high-country creatures, albeit.  This isn’t the first foray into the valley.  It’s not uncommon to see them in Twin Falls.  For some reason, they’re attracted to cemeteries on the southeast side.  Then last summer, there was one wandering in the canyon at Niagara Springs.

When you think about it, moose don’t have many natural predators.  They’re a little bit too large to wrestle down.

Idaho Fish and Game says if the animals aren’t a threat to people, no harm, no foul.

Fish and Game regional spokesman Terry Thompson looked at the original video from Hagerman and offered this:

Thanks, Bill. We were not aware of it. Unless it gets into town or acts aggressively towards residents we’ll probably just let it go. It does seem that we’re seeing more moose along the Snake River. 

If nothing else, the river provides a supply of water for thirsty wildlife.  Last March I was visiting Ketchum, and just south of town saw a pair of moose drinking from the river.  They had been walking through some very deep snow, but hey, they had long legs.

If you come along with any additional pictures, please share.  Not only with me but with Terry.  He’s at terry.thompson@idfg.idaho.gov.

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