RAFT RIVER, Idaho (KLIX)-A resident had to force a man to leave his home at gunpoint earlier this month in rural east Cassia County. According to court records, 49-year-old Nicodemos Adermann was arrested November 13, and charged with burglary, destruction of evidence, grand theft by taking a check, including several misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and trespassing. A Cassia County Deputy responded to a house on Yale Road south of Raft River and Interstate 86 for a report of a man that had entered a home without permission. When the deputy arrived he saw one man with a gun and another with a shovel pointed at a man near the house steps. The suspect, Adermann, was placed in handcuffs and inside the patrol car. The resident told the deputy that Adermann allegedly came up to the door demanding a ride into town and refused to leave. The resident pushed Adermann down and closed the door. Adermann then allegedly broke through the door and continued to demand a ride. Thats when the resident pulled a pistol on Adermann and held him at gunpoint outside the house until the deputy arrived. The deputy spoke to Adermann who said he didn't remember much of what had happened. The deputy found items Adermann allegedly hidden under the steps of the home which included checks belonging to other people and substances suspected of being drugs. The deputy alleges Adermann could be involved with burglaries in Twin Falls and American Falls. Adermann was arraigned on November 14, and entered not guilty to the charges.

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