Here’s how you cool the planet.  You blot out the sun with solar panels and wind turbines.  I came across the synopsis of a study while doing some show research.  It links to a lengthier bit of research.  If you’re a liberal and can’t read, it explains we would need to convert 20 percent of the land mass in the lower 48 states to green technologies.  Never mind we don’t have the minerals, and with the rest of the world expected to also ramp up new technologies, then good luck finding the elements anywhere.  What kind of stupid continues pushing these absurd solutions?

The kind you find in Commiefornia, where the new truck regulations are being promoted nationwide.  The following link points out it the plan would tank the nation’s economy.  If that’s the plan, why don’t the tree-huggers simply fess up?

Every time I hear some lefty spout that revolutionary technologies are just on the horizon, and will make all of this happen, I’m reminded of an old story.  I remember it took place in 1992 because I know where I was working at the time.  I interviewed a Cabernet-sipping liberal who insisted conversion to an electric fleet was only a couple of years away, because geniuses would shortly have the battery technology ready to go.

George H.W. Bush was President.  Garth Brooks hadn’t yet ascended to the top of the musical world, and the Dallas Cowboys were good.

Kook-a-Loos demands we trust their promises, but what happens if they can’t deliver?  Billions eventually starve.  Again, if that’s the goal of the granola-chomping crowd, then come clean and admit you loathe your skin.  No wonder they salivate over killing kids in their mother's wombs.

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