He’s one of Idaho’s most famous property owners.  Glenn Beck also commands an audience and he can draw a crowd.  I was among the 600,000 who saw him in 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial.  It was among the happiest days of my life.  I was thinking about him during a discussion of the Lava Ridge Wind Project.  One of as many as ten of these projects could stretch across Southern Idaho and potentially eastward in the direction of his ranch.

A member of my audience commented opponents are turning out by the hundreds whenever there’s a public meeting involving the Bureau of Land Management.  The caller said we really need thousands if we plan to make an impression on the Biden-controlled BLM.

One opponent of the project told me this week that there are people in the valley who are blissfully unaware of what’s on the horizon.

I’m marrying a couple of ideas.  If we could bring Glenn Beck to town and have him join the cause, we get a double.  First, the people who haven’t been attuned suddenly come out of their slumber.  Second, you get the big crowd.

Advance publicity could be handled by my colleague at KIDO, Kevin Miller, and me.  Beck airs on both stations.  We could work as well to pay his expenses by turning to all of you.  Kevin, with his connections in the Treasure Valley, could potentially find a large venue.

Now, all of you need to get to work messaging Glenn!  You can learn more about his program by clicking here.

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