You could say God listens to the prayers of southern Idahoans.  Maybe not so much in north Idaho.  There was a time a few years ago when the southern region was experiencing a nasty and prolonged drought.  Local churches made an ecumenical plea to the Lord for snow and rain.  Shortly thereafter, we got pummeled by snow.  It hasn’t stopped in succeeding winters.  Now the map from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows we’re doing fine.  Even south of the Snake River, where it’s often driest.

The literalists will assume I’m saying God doesn’t like the people of the panhandle, but maybe they’ve had other priorities when it comes to prayer.  The panhandlers know they are very dry in some spots, and the biggest concern would be the upcoming fire season.

Of course, the godless would denounce all of us for believing we speak with the Almighty.  In their world, petitioning for relief takes place at the welfare office.

Maybe we could both agree that we live through cycles of alternating dry and wet.  After claims the west was experiencing the worst drought in 1200 years, it started pouring and snowing in many parts of the previously afflicted states.  Then the liberals insisted it was caused by the sin of man-made climate change.

Luckily, for those north of Mackay and McCall, they got some snow that will also melt into the valleys in the coming weeks.  They’ll rejoice, no matter what they worship.  Welcome the rain and snow expected on Easter Sunday!

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