There was a period early Thursday night when I thought the wind was going to blow out my windows.  The rattling was intense.  I watched some cat treats on my deck blow away and some tumbleweeds went racing past my sight.

There’s more ahead this weekend.

While not unusual any time of year and during spring, it still feels a lot like March.

The weekend is expected to be windy, even after the snow comes to an end on Saturday.  This isn’t the windiest I’ve seen things get around here, but there were some moments this week that came close.

I haven’t been out to see if any trees were uprooted or chicken coops toppled, but I expect there were some issues.  I had an appointment Thursday afternoon at St. Luke’s Magic Valley.  I combed and sprayed my hair before leaving home.  When I reached the lobby, I looked like Einstein.  My hair was such a mess I fully expected people would come by and hand my pocket change and ask if I had a place to stay.

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Driving home, I saw a little girl walking home.  Even with a backpack, I worried she might blow over. I guess the bus couldn’t drop her at the front door.

Cheer up.  The weather looks much better one week from now.  We’re expecting a string of sunny days with highs in the 70s, and the long-range forecast predicts it won’t be only a two to three-day event before we’re back to wearing a parka to and from work.

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