HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-Blaine County Commissioner and famed Olympian Dick Fosbury passed away during the weekend after a battle with lymphoma. Blaine County announced the passing of Commissioner Fosbury, who died six days after his 76 birthday. According to Fosbury's agent, he died peacefully in his sleep. The county said memorial services are being planned.

Blaine County
Blaine County

Fosbury the Blaine County Commissioner

According to his biography, Commissioner Fosbury was in his second term following his reelection in 2020. A graduate of Oregon State University in civil engineering technology, Fosbury served as the city engineer for the City of Ketchum for more than 20 years and co-founded Galena Engineering. Fosbury is listed as a member of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority, and chair of the Southern Idaho Solid Waste District. He was also on the Board of Directors for the Wood River YMCA.

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Fosbury the Olympian and the Father of the 'Fosbury Flop'

Fosbury's death caught the attention of nearly every national news outlet from Fox News to National Public Radio, not for his work as county commissioner or engineer, but for what is known as the 'Fosbury Flop' a new approach to the high jump in track and field. According to his county biography, the technique is what he used to win gold at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. Fosbury is listed in the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, the U.S. National Hall of Fame, and the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame. The Olympic Channel credits Fosbury as revolutionizing the high jump and setting a new standard for jumpers from grade school to the Olympics.

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