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Doesn’t anyone any longer believe the rules apply to themselves?  The Facebook community known as Tourons of Yellowstone must be overwhelmed.  Last week there was a story about a tourist dipping their feet into the Sulphur hot springs.  That person is lucky to be walking.  Another photograph featured a fellow walking through a pool surrounding a hot spring.  It’s a good way to get boiled like a lobster.

The website Buckrail is following up with another story about a visiting moron.  The guy was walking his dog on a boardwalk.  Against park regulations, which I assume are posted and in several languages.  There are multiple reasons pets aren’t allowed in some parts of the park.  Coyotes and bears see them as meals or threats.  You could join them if you’re holding the other end of the leash.

A couple of hours before writing this, I had a conversation with Captain Doug Sugden.  He serves with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office here in Twin Falls County.  As he put it, there are too many instances of “Hold my beer” among people recreating in parks and the backcountry.  Some involve beer muscles, but for many people, it appears being in a new and thrilling setting brings out an adventurous side.  One that isn’t always reasonable.

As for Yellowstone, I believe we’ve been lucky.  Considering the number of people getting up close with bears and bison for pictures, I’m shocked we haven’t seen more injuries.  Or worse.  For what it’s worth if someone gets tossed by an angry bison, it’ll probably only spur the next YouTube challenge.

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