Only in Idaho, you can find a miniature zoo at a gas station.  Other than a rest area I stopped at on Interstate 15, this would’ve been the first place I got a flavor of the state when I moved here 10 years ago.  I paid for my gas inside and as I looked around at the various antiques around the shop, I tried making conversation with a fellow behind the counter.  He was having none of any banter.  I fully expected he would shout No soup for you!  I’ve only ever stopped there one more time since the first visit.  I don’t believe I need to walk on pins to buy gas.

I shared my story with a friend at a radio station in Boise and he had an even better tale.  He stopped with his family and bought gas.  His kids needed to relieve themselves and he was told they couldn’t use the bathroom.  When he was told they needed to buy something, my buddy explained he had just finished buying gas.  That wasn’t enough.  So he bought some Twinkies.  Or something like that.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

So, I shared his story, and a third person told me the toilets had been vandalized in the past, and ownership had grown tired of paying for repairs.  On the other hand, if little kids are smashing the potty and pulling the sink off the wall, it’s a small store and I imagine anyone behind the counter would hear the commotion.

You know what?  I would gladly stop there again.

It brings character to a long drive through the desert.  I enjoy the variety of personalities I meet in Idaho and the stories you can share about the experiences.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether it be a motel shaped like a dog or spaceships parked on downtown streets, it’s what makes this the best place to call home.

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