I’m not shocked.  Most wildfires in Idaho are caused by people, mostly behaving poorly.  A couple of weeks ago, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered an empty campsite with a fire burning.  They doused the embers and posted a warning on Facebook.  Some ignoramus replied that he didn’t see the problem because there were rocks around the flames.  As if you don’t get sparks and the wind doesn’t blow in Idaho!

You see, it’s probably bloviating half-wits responsible for much of the timber and desert burning.  Now we’re going to have to pay even more because some people can’t be good neighbors.

Meanwhile, there are a pair of controlled burns planned by the United States Forest Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  These are planned in the area of Cassia County.  If you see smoke in these areas, no need to panic.  These kinds of burns are common and are designed to improve the health of the forest.

Here are some details from the agencies:

Balsam Prescribed Burn will take place over 17 acres in the Cassia Division, adjacent to the Balsam Summer Homes west of Diamondfield Jack campground. This burn is planned to begin this Friday, Oct. 20 due to better burn conditions. The Stinson Creek Prescribed Burn will take place over 2,253 acres in Albion Range, south of the Oakley Elba pass. It is tentatively planned for some time next week.

Fire personnel will work closely with the Idaho/Montana Airshed Group, and the National Weather Service to ensure that smoke impacts are minimized. The decision to ignite on any given day will depend on favorable weather conditions and the need to reduce smoke effects as much as possible.

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