Idaho could turn around busloads of illegal immigrants.  It would also defy the federal government and challenge an area where Washington technically has control.  Would the Biden White House then have the cojones to arrest our Governor and State Legislators?  Would Biden like to try this stunt in 25 states?  Do you think the liberals could convince the Army to step in and stomp on the states in rebellion?

Starting a civil war and dealing with the fallout is probably not in the federal government's interest.  Mainstream media would demand a violent response from the President (who stood up to Corn Pop) but remember that most newsrooms are staffed by men who squat to pee.

This is all an exercise in something I don’t foresee happening, but the scenario is one raised by a member of my radio audience.  If the leftist states want to put out the welcome mat and sanctuary designation, then be our guest, though.  Keep in mind even New York and Illinois are suddenly having epiphanies on the hazards of an open border.  `

The crisis has laid bare some truths.  Your federal government isn’t looking out for you.  It doesn’t believe you have the brains to chart your destiny.  And this is from a plot that claims democracy is in danger!

We may finally see the deep state on the verge of collapse.  You can only govern with popular support, and that’s fast eroding.

Not every crisis has a negative outcome.  We may finally have an opportunity to balance the power between states, the people, and the federal government.

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