Who knew that elk could be freeloaders (and we’re not talking about members of any service club)?  Idaho Fish and Game provides feed for some herds when winter blows fierce.  Fish and Game spokesman Terry Thompson issued a news release with details.  This is taking place west of Ketchum, in Blaine County.

Even during mild winters in the Magic Valley, north in the Wood River Valley the snow can pile up and is measured in feet and not inches.  This can cause foraging issues for elk, and if Fish and Game provides some feeding stations, it can keep the animals from munching your landscaping.  Some of which can be poisonous.

You can read more details by clicking here.

Feeding elk can also reduce their need to search for forage and possibly keep them from crossing some roads.  I’ve never collided with one.  I don’t want to.  A white-tailed doe once did some extensive damage to my old Impala.

Fish and Game recommends you don’t adopt feeding of wildlife.  That would have the opposite effect.  It attracts animals to your home or neighborhood.  You only need to see a few tourist videos from Yellowstone to understand how these interactions can go sideways.  If the animal then has to be destroyed, that’s usually on you.

There are several elk and deer feeding stations across Idaho.  These are usually a considerable distance from the human population.  Fish and Game not only manages wildlife but also looks to protect animals and the community.

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