Let’s go Brandon!

News media will tell you that there’s not much a President can do to lower gas prices.  When the President is a liberal.  When there’s a Republican, he’s responsible and if only he would usher in green energy tomorrow, we would never have to worry about pump pain again.

Biden Only Offers Stunts

Emptying the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was a stunt, endangered national security, and is now much more expensive to replenish.

Toss in a jump in inflation in the early months of this year, and you’ll soon see it working in tandem with fuel prices to ruin your summer.  Media will keep warning of bloodbaths, Hitler, and the end of our democracy.  It may not be enough to save their guy.

Domestic oil producers are working feverishly to meet rising demand for fuel.  On their own.  The application process for drilling on “federal land” is often a tedious and expensive seven-year project, with no promise of approval.

If you want to eat and drive, then there’s a simple answer.  Change the government.  That’s not a local issue.  The trouble is the greenies in the populous blue states.  Whenever they stumble into trouble, they change the quarterback, but not the uniform.

What Can You Do?

Locally, if you’re not interested in politics but still drive, you might consider developing some new interests.  I know of a few other items other than food and gas prices that drive this point home.  Hungry, broke, and stranded along a desert highway?  Then get involved.

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