The adage says the most dangerous time in Boise is when the legislature is in session.  Some decisions made in recent years would say that’s very true.  Compare state spending to where it was a decade ago.  Some members of my audience tell me we’ve seen the budget double in a matter of a year.

For all the talk about Democrats being big spenders, many Republicans have become big government addicts.  They’re responsible for the growth of governments.  Democrats are so few that they have little impact, other than instructing their mainstream media allies to insist we spend even more.

I say we but taxpayers have little say in the decisions.  We can vote for some new faces, but there are few challengers with the ability to get a message across, or willing to make the sacrifice of campaigning.  The political class is unchanged as we head for 2024.

Last year, when it was agreed to create a scholarship program for some (to the benefit of connected business owners who paid for the training), we were told it was a public good.  A public good is two very costly words.  We’re told we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads because we’ve had surpluses.  Some of that was fiat currency from Washington.  We got some of it in rebate checks, usually just before an election (talk about buying votes!)

I didn’t vote for anyone who claimed they were doing something nice for a voting block with the money I’m required to repay or that was confiscated from my income.

How do we get a message across to 105 people in the House and Senate?  The one that says it’s not your money.  If you want to lube a special interest, then spend your own darned money!

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