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Can you live without electronic devices?  Some people can’t.  I came across a website that rates states on excitement, or lack thereof.  It lists 10 states considered the most boring by travelers.  Somehow, Idaho made the list.  I’ve lived in two of the states on the list and visited most of the others.  Idaho is called the “supreme monarch of boredom”.

The writer points out there are places in Idaho where you can’t get cellphone service.  You’re kidding me?  Did you come here to view mountains, lakes, and elk, or did you come here to yak on your phone to your buddies in San Francisco?

A friend recently retired from Idaho State Police.  He spends his spare time with family at a remote cabin.  There’s no TV, Internet, or cell service.  He told me his kids quickly adapt.  They have a lake where they can swim.  There’s hiking too.  There are also times when you can take a seat and just listen.

When my daughter was younger, we spent some time at a remote mountain cabin.  She was bummed about the lack of Internet.  The first night we built a fire in the outdoor pit and roasted marshmallows.  Then we sat on the porch swing and watched the fire die down.  We had a long conversation and she sounded like an adult.

She was also thrilled about seeing deer and a black bear cross through the camp the next morning.

By the way, Nebraska topped the boring list.  Delaware was number two.  I’ve visited Nebraska and enjoyed the people.  I lived in Delaware for seven years, a few miles from several great beaches.  I could be at Assateague Island in 40 minutes.  I photographed the wild horses and ignored my text messages.

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