First, the kook-a-loos who say the Gadsden Flag is racist can be discounted.  It symbolized liberty when it was created and it still does.  If you see it flying at a house, you can pretty much guarantee the people who live there aren’t feeding at the public trough, and often someone in the family has served in uniform.

A legislator I greatly admire, Tammy Nichols, has just shepherded a bill through the Senate to create a Gadsden Flag specialty Idaho license plate.  One of the objections came from a colleague who suggested you could buy a bumper sticker and make the same point.  The other arguments are those of the angry left, who like the deep state, view any displays as a sign you’re a domestic terrorist and go to church.  Your presence to Lefty is like the Wicked Witch being drenched with a bucket of water.

But getting back to the argument about a bumper sticker.  If you don’t have the plates, you can paint your vehicle in the same mode, just as State Republican Chair Dorothy Moon did (pictured).

There’s also an issue that rarely gets addressed.  Many law enforcers have told me the explosion of specialty plate designs is confusing when they’re on patrol.  There was a time when I was a kid and you could get the tags of various states in cereal boxes and quickly they became familiar.  Add a few dozen options in each state, and identification becomes more difficult.

One last question and I’ll leave it up to you.  Does the state collect much money on the growing variety?

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