The measure of a neighbor is how they treat animals.  In Gooding, they treat their pets well. We're including those who get lost or lost.  Some end up at the local pound, waiting for owners to find them, or eventually move on to a new home.

If you love animals, you have an opportunity to attend a fundraiser in Gooding.  It’s on Saturday, May 18th.  You can read more on the billboard produced by organizers.

Credit Gooding Dog Pound.
Credit Gooding Dog Pound.

Nearly all my dogs and cats over the last 30 years have been rescues.  I currently have a cat who was found wandering a road in Kimberly.  When nobody came to claim him, he became mine.  My previous cat was found by an older couple in Gooding.  They cleaned him up and sent him to live with me.

A friend who worked as a dog control officer matched me up with a dog almost 30 years ago, because the animal was good with kids, but again was languishing at the pound.

The pound is a haven for animals.  They aren’t running into traffic or getting into things and places they shouldn’t be.

As people experience more cost of living pressure, more animals will be turned loose.  The cause in Gooding is righteous.  My niece works as a volunteer at a shelter.  Her dream is to create someday a refuge where the dogs and cats can live out their days after being in some cases abandoned.  Let me repeat, as a people, we can be measured by how we treat our animals.

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