You might believe open-wheel racing is more dangerous than skiing.  Maybe it’s not the case.  Johnny Unser, a retired driver and member of the legendary racing family, was injured in what a friend calls a hit-and-run accident on the slopes.  Unser required surgery after the weekend accident.  The other skier didn’t stick around.  Instead, after plowing into Unser the other guy took off.

Unser’s family is used to danger.  His father, Jerry, was killed while driving when Johnny was a baby.

Anyone who witnessed the accident on the slopes is being urged to come forward with details.  Perhaps you can identify the fellow who vamoosed.  There’s supposed to be etiquette on the slopes, and it’s possible someone didn’t realize the extent of Unser’s injuries, still.  Stopping and checking on another after a collision is considered a courtesy on the slopes.

Unser keeps himself in good shape, but he’ll turn 66 this year.  Let me tell you, healing past 60 isn’t nearly as easy as healing at 30 or 16.

I never learned to ski.  It wasn’t in the family's money and time budget.  While I admired friends who had some skill, I saw more than a few in casts before winter came to an end.  You combine speed with any activity, skiing or racing, and any collision can cause severe injury.

I take it as an observer that people who have some training in the sport had some safety training at some point.  As a slope is generally a shared space, courtesy would appear to be the common rule.

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