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You would know the area.  Along the canyon and near the gun club and Federation Point.  At the far north end of Washington Street.  A guy was out running last week when he encountered the animal.  He waited several days before notifying Idaho Fish and Game.  The lion may have since moved on, but people in the area are still being warned to keep a close eye on their children and pets.

Fish and Game spokesman Terry Thompson told Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX that lions like the canyon rim because there are deer in the area.  Mostly, the lions don’t make Twin Falls a permanent home.  They will use the canyon as a highway between stops.

Last year, a lion killed some livestock on the east end of the city.  A couple of years ago there was a lion surprised by the Kimberly Post Office (nobody was hurt).

Fish and Game would like you to report any sightings as quickly as possible.  You can also call the local police if you see a lion within city limits.

Several weeks ago, some maintenance workers believed they saw a lion prowling on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho.  Fish and Game couldn’t confirm exactly what kind of animal the workers saw.  They were on a roof at the time, and the picture they took didn’t provide enough evidence.

Thompson suggests bear spray is a good defense because it works from 30 to 40 feet.  If you’re on the trail at night, he recommends a flashlight, and he also says you shouldn’t be wearing earbuds or a headset.

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