UPDATE: Authorities now believe the animal that killed the chickens may have been a stray dog and not a mountain lion. There is still a chance that a lion is on the loose and in the area of Kimberly, they continue to investigate that possibility.

ORIGINAL STORY: Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call.  The lion appears to have gobbled several chickens belonging to the homeowner.  This took place on Falls Avenue, in the area northeast of the city.  There were actual paw prints found.  It may be the same animal spotted in the city in the area of Addison Avenue and Eastland Drive late last week.

Are you hoping to avoid contact with the animal?  Then don’t leave out food for cats.  Even the strays.  Make sure your chickens are well protected.  You might even consider staying indoors, which isn’t an order but suggests common sense if you don’t have to be inside.

The neighboring canyon acts as a highway for mountain lions, but they generally don’t call this part of southern Idaho a permanent home.

What the latest attack does tell us is that the predators have a wide range when they do show up in the Magic Valley.  The location of the latest encounter was Falls Avenue and 3600 East.

By the way, if you have kids, for the time being maybe they shouldn’t play outside.

While lion attacks are rare, remember there was a healthy adult killed recently in California.  A surprised cat is a dangerous cat.  All wild animals should be considered dangerous.

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