What made these tracks?  It’s a question I posed on Facebook.  People often said they needed a closer look, but by the time I came back, more snow had covered the details.  We arrived one morning for work this week and noticed these tracks circled the building.  Our barn cats weren’t responsible, there were no new tracks to or from the barn.  The prints didn’t look like big paws, but as if something dragged with each step until you got near the front door.  Then the paws looked wider.

Among the guesses were rabbit, Bigfoot, aliens, yer momma, deer, fox, raccoon, varmint, or serial killer.  The rabbit makes sense if you look at the length.  Maybe even a raccoon.  We have a couple of chubby raccoons who are often outside the doors when I arrive in the early morning hours.

I didn’t see a guess for coyote, but I imagine the tracks would be similar to what a fox would leave behind.

A few years ago, one of my coworkers was making the turn from Blue Lakes to Park Avenue (our studios are a few blocks away) and encountered a large elk in the street.  This wasn’t nearly as large judging by the tracks.

We had a vagrant living in a shed one winter.  Our chief engineer at the time was kind-hearted and let the poor fellow stay.  Poor until I disturbed his sleep one morning and he growled quite strongly in response.  His tracks would be larger.

Please share your thoughts.  Someone can probably make an identification.

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