I’m getting new eyewitness accounts from across the Magic Valley about people seeing busloads of migrants being dumped locally.  The last time this happened was during the so-called pandemic.  Some of the accounts come from people I hold in high regard.  But I’m not seeing many pictures and no videos.  This is despite so many people walking around with smartphones at the ready.  It’s like Bigfoot sightings.  We need pictures.

And I might mention that people aren’t getting off buses and wearing shirts emblazoned with Illegal immigrants.  We can make an assumption, but unless we ask the people where they’re from, we can’t conclusively state we’re being overrun.

Local governments wouldn’t necessarily be informed of any drop locations, and the Refugee Center is no longer administered by CSI.  The operation has been turned over to a non-governmental organization (NGO).  It’s identified as the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

A few other things to consider.  If buses were dropping off five dozen immigrants every day in Twin Falls, we would notice after a couple of months.  The shelters, churches, and warming centers would be overwhelmed.  You would be encountering far more newcomers on the streets.  Not to mention it would be cruel to dump people in a parking lot when it’s six below zero in January.

If people are being dropped off locally, I would like to be able to have concrete evidence.  For now, it’s a puzzle missing some pieces.

I’m getting a lot of comments from people telling me they know somebody who saw a bus and saw illegal immigrants, but at the moment, this is an urban legend.

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