Eli Johnson spent most of his life supporting law enforcement.  After all, it’s the work he retired from.  Now he may be suing the City of Buhl, over the actions of the city police.

As I understand it, the dispute began one day when Eli exited his car in his driveway.  A patrol vehicle pulled in behind him and the officer explained Eli had been speeding.  The policeman then demanded to know if the motorist had drugs in his car.  The police report makes no mention of the drugs question.  Eli Johnson is an ex-cop, military veteran, and a devout Baptist.  His idea of a good time is going downtown for ice cream.  But I guess every guy with a dark complexion must be dealing and/or using drugs.

If the encounter had ended with a speeding ticket, we wouldn’t be discussing a possible lawsuit.  It ended with Eli being hit with a stun gun inside his own home, in front of his family.

A prosecutor has dropped the charges.  Eli’s Freedom of Information requests haven’t yet been fruitful.  He’s being denied access to body camera video.

Eli has requested to address the Buhl City Council on February 12th.

I know where this will go.  The council will dig in its heels and accuse anyone asking questions about the case as being anti-police and part of a liberal media conspiracy.  That’s laughable when you consider I’m the one guy in the media making noise.

Of course, if the city wants to explain to taxpayers why a retired cop is being paid millions, then the board can welcome a lawsuit.

The Mayor of Buhl, a person I greatly respect, has been invited to discuss the matter on my radio show.  While I don't yet have an answer, I sent the invitation outside of business hours.

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