I’m a simple man if not a simpleton.   I like eating out.  I like fine dining and have several favorites’ here in southern Idaho.  I also like diners, cafes, and burger joints.  I like what’s erroneously called fast food.  But I rarely eat out.

I did one-day last week.  I made my very first trip to Carl’s Jr.  I had a coupon and decided to try something new.  The waffle fries are very crispy.  Much crispier than the legendary waffle fries at Chick-fil-A.  Carl’s Jr. was a pleasant surprise.  It’s still not McDonald’s.  There’s a reason the golden arches remain number one.

If I’m traveling, I always know exactly what I’m getting at McDonald’s.  Whether stopping off the highway in Dillon, Montana, Boise, or right here in Twin Falls.

I saw a story about the world’s largest restaurant chain reconnecting with some nostalgic roots.  One very cold day when I was a teenager, my dad drove a friend and me to a pro-football game.  We stopped half-a-dozen miles away from the stadium at McDonald’s for a bite to eat.  I had a Big Mac (it was delicious) and a hot apple pie.  I don’t recall the outcome of the game, but I remember the hot food on a snowy and windy day.  My buddy, Dave, and I each grabbed a second pie for the road.

I’m waiting for the day when the McD.L.T. returns.  Even if briefly.  And the old-style pies would hit the spot.  Oh, and with a double order of fries.

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