UPDATE: Both suspects have been caught. Read the full story HERE.

There was some planning for the escape.  It’s not like a friend with Twin Falls license plates was driving by the hospital in Boise at 2:15 a.m. and suddenly saw an opportunity.  But what do these clowns do next?  How are you going to hide with a scarred and painted mug?  Skylar Meade can’t exactly blend into the crowd.  His tattoos may have made him attractive to fellow inmates, but it’s repulsive for most of us on the outside.

This Guy is Bad News

Some faiths ban burying people who paint themselves.  Where Meade is going, it’s probably not an impediment.  I gather he may get there soon.  It’s not like these two fellows are going to surrender quietly.  As I write this, there’s no word yet on the pair being located, but if they buy the farm in a hail of bullets, they’ll save the taxpayers a bundle.  A couple of hundred rounds of ammunition is a lot less expensive than three hot meals and a cot.

What creates this kind of man?  Was someone mean when they were 10 years old?  Did Dad refuse to buy the guy a new bike?  Or is it because they blame the world because they didn’t meet their expectations?

Can He be Saved

From a Christian perspective, we’re told everyone is redeemable.  But some people have no interest in making the change.

Meanwhile, lock your doors and use the life of Skylar Meade to teach your children there are better choices.  Let’s pray the harm he’s caused comes to an end soon.

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