This morning I received an email from a guy becoming very familiar with the deep state.  He’s not wealthy, takes a standard deduction, and files a simple form 1099.  In six weeks he has received two letters from the Internal Revenue Service.  Both letters said that the man’s paperwork needed further review.  He’s a fellow who’s never had trouble with the law.  He also told me he’s hearing he’s not alone.

When the Biden White House pursued hiring almost 90,000 new workers at the IRS, we were told these people would be filling vacancies.  We were told they were needed to catch the wealthy who cheat and deny the government needed money.  We were told small earners had nothing to fear.

Do you trust government promises?

Joe Biden is spending more than 7 trillion dollars this fiscal year.  The treasury brings in just a little more than half the amount. The choices are then to borrow, print, or shake down taxpayers for more.  The wealthy have armies of tax lawyers.  You don’t.  The boys at the IRS may be looking at you as easy prey.

A friend once delivered a keynote address at a Tea Party rally.  Her name appeared in a newspaper the next day and with quotes.  Two days later, five inspectors with the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed up at her import business.  She was told that if she spoke to the news media about the visit, she could go to prison.  Instead, she was offered a deal.  Close the business.  She did.

She had been making a good living up to that point.

Her offense?  Other than speaking publicly at a rally during the Obama years?  There was a jar of imported bouillon cubes on a shelf.  She was told if one of the cubes contained prions for Mad Cow Disease that someone tossing a cube into the field could see a bovine eat the cube and spread the disease.  It’s absurd!

This is a government that will employ Orwellian tactics to silence and intimidate.  We need people in government that will crush the deep state.

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