First, it's good for farmers and ranchers!

Dan Rather once wrote a column praising turkeys.  I remember reading it in the Wall Street Journal.  This was about 20 years ago, a few days before Thanksgiving.  While he praised the center of the feast, he said the bird had no flavor.

What gives turkey flavor is gravy and stuffing (or dressing!)  Then in the days following the feast, mayonnaise or Miracle Whip gives turkey flavor to the sandwiches we bring to work.

While Dan Rather isn’t the type of guy I would agree with about much of anything, I agree turkey may have limitations but it’s what I anticipate about Thanksgiving dinner.

I like ham as well.  It’s much sweeter and it makes a better sandwich.  But I think it’s more of an Easter meal.  It’s how I was raised.

My sister long ago broke with family tradition.  She likes seafood on Thanksgiving, especially shrimp.  It’s a delicacy in her household, or when she was a young adult and seafood wasn’t in the budget.

Throughout a lifetime, I’ve come to appreciate the differences we see on a lot of holiday tables.  An aunt used to make stuffed mushrooms.  The challenge was not to fill up on the fungus before the actual meal, however.  On Thanksgiving, everybody always seemed to find room.

I can’t find much on Idaho’s Thanksgiving preferences, but we are responsible for one major staple of tables across the country.  Do we even need to say Idaho potatoes?

In the next couple of weeks, you’ll hear the denunciations from the left about the foods we eat and the sins of colonialism.  Remember, the writers are miserable people and haven’t yet figured out who we owe thanks.

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