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Ever hear of a thumping thermometer?  Neither had I.  A website devoted to physics and science is now examining the latest phenomenon at Yellowstone National park called Doublet Pool.  You can click here for some details on the research conducted by a team from Utah.  At best, I would describe Doublet Pool as a sphincter.  Belching away and murmuring as it heats up.  Of course, below is a massive bubbling caldron of magma.

A few days ago, I saw a story on the web warning there was activity in the park that could be an early warning of a massive eruption coming.  While we don’t know when the next volcanic eruption will take place, I’m still not expecting it next year.  It won’t happen until I build a new home or buy a new car.  Just in time to spoil my purchase!  No, seriously, I believe the site I was looking at last week was designed to alarm.  The title was catchy, but the story was not so much.

As for Doublet Pool, it’s not very big.  Like a koi pond, you might place it in your backyard.  I’ll admit if you come out some morning and find your koi floating and boiled, then maybe the end is near.

If we have a massive eruption in my lifetime, I doubt I’ll have much time to consider the ramifications.  An old coworker (and he was always filled with happy thoughts) told me that we would vaporize in a split second.  Sad, but on a happy note, there wouldn’t be any morons left to taint bison.

On a less dour note, I’ve never been to Yellowstone.  From what I can see, half the country can be there on any given day.  When I get away and see nature, I’m not looking to be joined by a city.

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