With Spring weather waiting just around the corner, it’s time to think about whether or not your yard will be ready for outdoor parties and relaxation. You do still have time though because Idaho has 12 seasons and we are only just finishing up Second Winter and heading into Winsprummall (Spring of Deception).

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Once we get through Winsprummall, 3rd Winter, and the Pollenating it will be actual Spring and you’ll be ready to spend time out on your patio and playing in the yard. That outdoor time would be especially enjoyable if you had the best patio in the entire state, which might be the one at this house for sale in Twin Falls. The listing calls it a ‘sanctuary for gatherings’.

LOOK: This Twin Falls Home Has the Best Patio in the World

We may call it the best patio in the world...and we may be wrong, but check it out and you'll at least agree that you wish you had one like it. The house is in Twin Falls at 2516 E 3719 N and is listed for $729,900.

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What Makes a Home Patio Awesome?

The patio at this house has it all and the house isn’t too shabby either. The patio has a fire pit and it looks like a smoker, grill, and griddle! There are plenty of chairs and a table - plus you get to look at the beautiful house which has more windows than anything else. You may notice that there isn’t a hot tub (doesn’t mean you can’t add one) which is usually a requirement for a perfect patio, but we decided a hot tub wasn’t essential to group gatherings. We don’t want to hang out with our middle-aged friends in an outdoor bathtub.

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