Some Southern Idaho residents were concerned or confused about the number of lights, sirens, and responders on Saturday evening in the Murtaugh area. This was due to 2 accidents requiring multiple emergency response crews and air ambulances.

UPDATE: Woman Rescued From Snake River Canyon Near Murtaugh

On Saturday evening, emergency responders were called out to a report of a woman who had fallen in the Snake River Canyon between Twin Falls and Murtaugh. Crews were able to rescue the woman with the help of a rigging setup for rappelling crews into the canyon and an Air St. Luke’s helicopter to get the woman out safely. The female had non-life-threatening lower leg injuries.

After the rescue, some emergency responders were sent to a nearby accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. The driver of the motorcycle was sent to Pocatello by air ambulance.

Video of the canyon rescue and pictures can be seen in the social media posts below.

Video of Air St. Luke’s rescue:

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ORIGINAL STORY: Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office is reporting an accident in the Snake River Canyon. Emergency crews are working to rescue a woman who was injured after she fell into the canyon. The accident happened around 6 PM and the social media post was released at 7:16 PM.

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