Many areas in Southern Idaho were affected by an invasive species discovered in the water last year.

The discovery of Quagga Mussels near Centennial Park in Twin Falls closed waterways and the eradication killed an unknown number of fish. There’s another invasive species in Idaho that is spreading and could cause health issues.

Warning: Pretty Purple Flowers in Idaho are Not What You Think

This invasive species is a beautiful flower that may look like other less dangerous plants. The fragrant flowers smell amazing and they come in a variety of purples, pink, and white. They might be confused with Phlox or even Violets - with the main difference being the number of petals. The invasive plant only has 4 while the others have 5.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

The plant has many names, including Dames Rocket, Sweet Rocket, Night-scented Gilliflower, Mother of the Evening, and more. But, no matter the name the plant is dangerous and considered an ecologically invasive species in North America. Idaho hasn’t classified the plant as invasive while other states, like Colorado, have placed legal restrictions on it.

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Dames Rocket can cause skin irritation to some people and health problems in dogs if ingested which is interesting because some use the flower in culinary creations. It has been found in many Idaho locations. Ketchum, Pocatello, and Moscow have had verified sightings as seen in this interactive map:

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