You have probably used Google Maps at some point in your life to find an address or see what a location looks like from satellite pictures or the Google Car. What you may not know about Google Maps is that there’s an option to look at the world in a virtual type of 3D, and it’s hilarious.

I know that AI (artificial intelligence) has come a long way in recent years. ChatGPT and AI Image Generators are all the rage right now. But they aren’t always correct with their information and sometimes the pictures don’t come out as expected. So, it’s safe to say that for now, we are safe from a robot takeover. But they are getting better so don’t get too comfortable.

Proof That AI Still Has A Long Way To Go

I was using the 3D feature in Google Maps (actually Google Earth) and ended up wasting a lot of time finding ridiculous errors in the imaging. It’s clear in the pictures that Google Earth has an issue with depth perception.

Check Out These Hilarious AI Pictures Of Idaho from Google Earth

Google Earth in 3D mode makes Idaho look like a video game with terrifying and hilarious buildings and bridges.

Honestly, the images of the Perrine Bridge look like an engineering nightmare but also a really fun ride if it were at an amusement park.

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