While commenting on the protestors camping out on public property near the Capitol in Idaho, the governor called out other states, specifically California, Oregon, and Washington, for not handling protestors properly.

Governor Little said he would be handling the illegal actions of protestors promptly, unlike Portland, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle.

ID Governor Calls Out CA for Poor Handling of Protestors

In the statement issued by Idaho’s Governor, Little said:

My administration is committed to enforcing the law and protecting our Capitol and public from the dangers of illegal encampments. Idaho is not Portland, LA, San Francisco, or Seattle where public officials tolerate unsafe and destructive public camping. Idaho cherishes and protects our First Amendment rights to speech, popular and unpopular alike, but I will not tolerate any group’s efforts to establish encampments that damage state property, create health and safety risks, and interfere with other forms of public access.

Idaho State Police Confiscate Items From Pro-Palestine Protest Encampment

The statement comes after the Idaho State Police and ID Department of Administration removed and confiscated items from protestors who were illegally blocking public access and interfering with public use of public property near the Capitol building.

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The protestors are part of an illegal pro-Palestine encampment. Participants were informed of the law and educated about the consequences of their actions multiple times before Idaho State Police were forced to take action.

The confiscated items are being held by authorities and can be collected by the owners.

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