The motorcycles are out in Idaho and that means 1 of 2 things: you are either jealous of them or you hate them. I’m terrified by the thought of driving around town with only a helmet between me and the road if I get in an accident, but I’m still jealous because it looks cool.

There have been a few complaints on social media recently about bikers in Twin Falls and the rules of the road. The battle between bikes and cars is like the water fight between boats and kayaks.

Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in Idaho

A common complaint from car drivers about bikers is when they split lanes and magically appear next to you at a light. One complaint on Facebook was in regard to this type of driving and the legalities of it. There were many comments with opinions and stats about why it is good for the safety of those on bikes and only a few that truly addressed the law when it comes to lane splitting and filtering.

Credit Facebook
Credit Facebook

Does the Lane Splitting Law In Idaho Mean it's Illegal?

If you haven’t experienced lane splitting, it’s when a motorcycle drives between cars (either moving or stationary) along the lane divider line. Lane filtering is similar to splitting, but the motorcyclist might weave in and out of lanes rather than going straight down the white line. Idaho has laws regarding lane Splitting, filtering, and sharing.

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On page 45 of the Idaho Motorcycle Manual, it states:

The practice of “lane filtering” or “sharing: side by side” or “splitting” is not legal in the State of Idaho.

Credit ITD
Credit ITD

While arguments can be made that the practice of lane splitting is safer for motorcyclists and better for their bikes, an argument doesn’t make it legal. A petition was started in 2013 to legalize lane splitting in Idaho, but the petition closed with only 36 supporters.

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