We’ve learned over the years that moose in Idaho are not friendly and should not be petted or approached. Moose should be left alone or they will come at you like a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Watch: This Big Moose is Not Happy With a Little Idaho Dog

Recently in Island Park near Yellowstone, a man was out with his dog when they came up on a giant moose in the middle of their path. The man may have watched our previous video on what to do when you see a moose in the wild and knew that he needed to stay as far away from it as he could. The natural reaction of the dog was to be a dog and began barking. The big problem was that the dog was off-leash and was able to run at the moose, and that’s when things went south.

Idaho doesn’t have an all-encompassing statewide law about keeping dogs on a leash, and some areas specifically state that pets can roam free under certain conditions. Island Park is considered dog-friendly but Harriman State Park on the south side of the city does not allow dogs. The video isn’t specific about where in Island Park the event happened, but it seems like the kind of place where you would want your dog to run free but it might not be the best thing to do. The generic Idaho law about dogs is that you have to be in control of them.

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As you can see in the video, keeping control of a dog who is not on a leash and wants to greet a moose is nearly impossible until the moose decides the game is over.

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