In an effort to help influence safe driving and take impaired drivers off the roads, police in Southern Idaho will be doing a Thanksgiving Emphasis Patrol.

The Idaho State Police reported that along with local law enforcement, they will be intensifying their presence on Idaho roads to help enhance overall travel safety.
Travel in and around Idaho is expected to reach record highs and more cars means more possibilities of danger. ISP is partnering with agencies in Minidoka, Cassia, Jerome, and Gooding Counties to conduct ‘high visibility patrols’ on major highways and roads across the Magic Valley.

Credit ISP/Canva
Credit ISP/Canva

To avoid issues and travel safely this holiday, ISP suggests that drivers and their occupants:

Always wear your seatbelt, adhere to posted speed limits, and obey traffic control devices. These simple actions significantly contribute to accident prevention and ensure a safe journey for all.

Underscoring the urgency of this initiative, the Idaho Transportation Department reported over 4,000 crashes in the Magic Valley in 2022, with a staggering 122 occurring during Thanksgiving Week alone. Tragically, some of these incidents resulted in serious injuries or fatalities, highlighting the critical need for heightened awareness and responsible driving practices.

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Idaho roads can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Please take care and caution while driving this holiday season. Roads could be wet and slick over Thanksgiving so give yourself time and space around other cars.

To see current road conditions you can download the Idaho 511 app or check their website before you hit the road.

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