I think that if you order a personalized license plate for your vehicle it should come with an explanation box for the rest of the world. I can’t be the only person in Idaho who has seen a personalized plate that left you questioning what it meant. Sometimes it is such an issue that I get distracted trying to decipher the letters that I probably become an unsafe driver.

Caution: This is Exactly Why We Need Explanations on Idaho License Plates

Idaho has a system in place to block anyone who attempts to get a personalized plate that could be considered offensive, but the system isn’t perfect. You can check out a gallery of rejected license plates in a few paragraphs, but first, let’s talk about a picture that surfaced online recently. I must advise you that the next few sentences could be offensive to some. In the Idaho Reddit chats, someone posted a picture of an Idaho license plate with the letters ‘HALFCKD’. Even if you have a mind as pure as Sun Valley snow, you might immediately see a bad word there. But, there’s no way Idaho would allow that, right?

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That’s what has the internet in such a tizzy. If those letters don’t spell out a bad word, then what could they possibly mean? There are a few NSFW guesses on Reddit, a few that believe it is a gun reference, and zero options that make any actual sense.

People Can't Seem to Agree What this Controversial Idaho License Plate Says

Since I don’t have a valid guess, what do you think the license plate could mean? There's also a valid chance the plate is fake because this is the internet. Do you have a license plate that is personalized and you think it is crystal clear but nobody else gets it? Why do you do that to us?!

Rejected Personalized License Plates In Idaho

Personalized license plates in Idaho are a highly governed and censored item. Your personalized plate can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane. That doesn't stop people from trying.

25 More Rejected Idaho License Plates

Personalized license plates in Idaho can be creative, but they can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane.
DISCLAIMER: Before you keep scrolling be advised that the plates were rejected for falling into at least one of the unacceptable categories and therefore might be offensive to see.

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