Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the tourons of Yellowstone have stopped making bad decisions at the popular National Park. There are different types of tourons, the tourist morons who make bad decisions, at Yellowstone. Some of them get the label because of interactions with the animals, others because of just generic dumb choices, and a good portion of them get labeled as tourons because of their inability to obey rules. This new Yellowstone video is an example of the last two. Thankfully they didn’t involve animals in their poor choices. Well, maybe they did later, and it just isn't in this video.

WATCH: This Video Shows the Dumbest Type of Yellowstone Visitors

In a recent video on the extremely entertaining Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page, we get to see 3 youngsters making poor choices. The video is taken at the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, which is surrounded by a safe boardwalk so there is no reason to not be on the trail. The path takes you right to the edge of the beautiful colored spring, but that wasn’t enough for these 3 boys. They are walking along the edge of the spring and one of them doesn’t even have his shoes on. That’s a poor choice. Another of the boys jumps, possibly to avoid stepping in water, which is another bad choice because the ground is very brittle in some places and he could have jumped right through into boiling water. Lucky for him, that didn’t happen. Check out the video:

I tried looking at an aerial view of the Grand Prismatic to try and make sense of the video. After watching it, I had questions. Mainly: where were they coming from?

I couldn’t tell by looking at satellite pictures of the area. They are next to the Grand Prismatic (not one of the smaller pools near it) because, at the beginning of the video, you can see the colorful ground. The boys are walking across a less colorful section of the ground, so I thought maybe they were cutting between boardwalk sections but it actually looks like they are coming from the opposite side of the spring where the trees are…which also doesn’t make sense unless they are coming from the Fairy Falls Trail.

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Can you tell where they are and make sense of why they cut across there? Also, someone please tell their parents. This could have been a tragic ending for them, even worse than being shamed by strangers on social media.

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