There have been a growing number of reports of mountain lions near neighborhoods and populated areas in Idaho.

One of those recent reports turned out to be true and the situation was dangerous for residents in the area.

Idaho Fish and Game Forced to Kill Mountain Lion

The Idaho Fish and Game in the Magic Valley posted on social media that they had received a report of a mountain lion in a residential area of Paul, in Minidoka County. A conservation officer and the Minidoka Sheriff’s Department investigated and found a male mountain lion. The lion was in the yard where children play and calving livestock was nearby.

The adult mountain lion didn’t show and fear of people and that ultimately led to the decision that the creature was dangerous and needed to be put down.

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The social media post has been shared by many and has more than a dozen comments. Reactions to the post are a mix of sadness, anger, and approval.

2 Brothers Attacked and 1 Killed By a Mountain Lion in California

The danger these big cats pose to humans was shown in a recent attack in California that turned deadly. The older brother was killed by the mountain lion and the cat was later euthanized by officials.

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This information is courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game.

Gallery Credit: Marco

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