Police in Idaho were busy this week tracking down 2 criminals involved in a hospital shooting which resulted in 3 officers being shot.

The criminals were on the run for only about 36 hours before they were caught by Idaho police in Twin Falls. But during those 36 hours, they left a devastating trail of theft and murder.

Credit Canva/ISP
Credit Canva/ISP

Boise Shooter and Inmate Linked to 2 Recent Homicides in North Idaho

The police report sent out by Idaho State Police plays out like a Hollywood movie. After Nicholas Umphenour arrived at St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise in a stolen Honda Civic, he shot 2 Idaho Department of Corrections officers and helped Skylar Meade escape.

It is believed that they then traveled north to Juliaetta, ID, and stole the vehicle of 83-year-old James Mauney while he was out walking his dogs. They also took his dogs and Mauney was later found dead by police near the abandoned Honda a few miles east in Leland. Police believe Mauney was an innocent victim who did not know the criminals.

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Umphenour and Meade continued east to Orofino, ID, where it is now believed they killed a second man, 72-year-old Gerald Henderson. The dogs of Mauney were found at the Orofino residence along with a pair of shackles believed to be left by Meade. The dogs were returned, unharmed, to the family of Mauney.

Henderson may have had previous interactions with Meade and Umphenour.

Credit Canva/Google Maps
Credit Canva/Google Maps

Alleged Idaho Murder Suspects Caught in Southern Idaho Town

After leaving Orofino, the 2 suspects probably drove east through Missoula, Montana, and then back into Twin Falls County in Idaho. It was believed the suspects had family in the area. With help from leads and tips, the duo were found at a residence in Filer.

Meade and Umphenour fled the scene in separate vehicles but were both apprehended without further incident or any additional shots being fired.

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A 52-year-old female was taken into custody at the Filer residence on charges related to Meade’s escape from the house.

The crimes are all being investigated by law enforcement.

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