Authorities in Southern Idaho are reporting another confirmed sighting of a mountain lion in a residential area.

Fish and Game in Southern Idaho along with police officers found the mountain lion in a tree in the backyard of a family’s home Thursday morning.

Mountain Lion Removed from Southern Idaho Yard

According to the report from the Pocatello Police Department, they received calls from city residents around 7:05 in the morning. The calls reported a mountain lion in a tree in the area of 1500 Kinghorn. Police and Fish and Game officers responded to the location.

The mountain lion was in the tree for about an hour and a half when it when was tranquilized and secured by Idaho Fish and Game, around 8:32 in the morning. The animal was not euthanized and the plan was to relocate the animal to the mountains outside Pocatello.

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WATCH: Idaho Fish and Game Remove Mountain Lion From Tree in Family Yard

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No humans were harmed and no other animals were harmed or in danger during the incident.

Mountain Lion Caught in Pocatello Neighborhood Tree

Mountain lion found up a tree in a backyard prompts swift response from Pocatello Police and Fish and Game officials.

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Officers Forced to Kill Mountain Lion in Southern Idaho Yard

The outcome for a similar situation recently didn’t have such a happy ending. A mountain lion in Southern Idaho had to be killed after it showed aggressive behavior and no fear of humans after entering a residential area in Paul, ID.

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