I may be biased in this story because some of my favorite movies from the 80s were the Back to the Future trilogy.

Despite the fact that the DeLorean was never really that good of a car, I’d still love to own one just because it was the time travel machine for the movies. But, something that makes this one so special is that the current owner did the impossible and didn’t make any modifications to make his look like the car from the movies.

Great Scott! Check Out This Rare Car for Sale in Idaho

Honestly, the first thing I would do is to put in a flux capacitor. I do like that he has the pink hoverboard in the back and the license plate of TYMTRVL is a great way to pay homage to the movies without modifying the car.

The car is the DeLorean DMC 12 from 1983, the final year the car was originally sold, and is for sale with a heavy price tag of $59,900 and only 13,400 miles.

DeLorean For Sale in Idaho: Your Chance to Own a Piece of History

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When the DeLorean came out, they only made about 9,000 of them before the company filed for bankruptcy. The new cars were sold for $34,000 in 1983, which is equivalent to more than $100k today, so at just under $60 grand the car in Southern Idaho is a steal of a deal.

But, if you are looking for something more modern…but still a DeLorean, you have to check out the Alpha5. This is the new iteration of the DeLorean and it’s amazing and all electric. You have to join a club with a membership fee, and then put a down payment to reserve your spot to get one. It was at one time rumored they would only make 88 of them (in honor of the 88 miles per hour required to time travel) but recent reports show they will produce 4,000 Alpha5 DeLorean's.

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Since the car will be undrivable around town and will cost at least $150,000 - it’s safe to say they will be scooped up by private buyers for garages and collections.

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