Over the first weekend of April, a reported 4 and a half feet of snow fell in the South Hills causing dangerous conditions and prompting road closures.

Dangerous Road Conditions and Avalanche Possibilities In South Hills

Over the course of 5 days, from the final days of March into the first days of April, the 54 inches of snow made the roads impassable and the mountain unsafe for recreation. The roads were closed until recently, but the conditions remain dangerous. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office announced the opening of the road on Facebook today.

The police post on social media is clear in pointing out that a road being open doesn’t make it 100 percent drivable or safe for all cars and drivers. The road can be narrow in places and crashes are common near the Ross Falls area. Always drive according to road and weather conditions.

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The Twin Falls Sheriff also reported on Facebook about an accident that happened near Hollister where a camp trailer had been blown over by the wind and possibly with help from dangerous snow drifts on the road. People can always check the 511 app for current road conditions and to see camera views of the roads.

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In the initial post about the road closures in the South Hills, Idaho Code 49-801 is referenced to remind drivers that entering the South Hills when the road is closed can result in a citation from law enforcement.

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