It would be difficult to make up a story this good. Our Wyoming friends to the east are being terrorized by a black bear that is breaking into homes, pooping then leaving.

Jackson Hole News and Guide shared details of what this vigilante black bear is doing. A resident in the Upper Cache Creek Drive area of Jackson reported an intruder. What he thought was a dog making noise in the middle of the night turned out to be a bear.

It gets better, though. The bear apparently has bowel issues as he dropped a load in the guy's home, then left without even saying goodbye.

Since Jackson is just on the other side of the border from Idaho, maybe now is a good time to brush up on our bear poop identification skills. The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management has some good tips on figuring out if a bear is pooping in your home. From what I can tell, if the poop resembles actor Danny DeVito, run. Might be a good idea to run anyway.

Keep an eye on the Jackson Hole News and Guide to find out where the pooping bear will strike next.

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