Some businesses have decided to close January 4th, 2022 due to winter weather conditions. We are getting reports around the area of people getting snowed into their homes, power outages and hazardous driving conditions. Here is a list of businesses so far that have announced closures for January 4th.

Pomerelle Ski Resort said they are closing due to high winds and bad conditions

Whiskey Bent Trading Co said they are closed and could possibly get snowed in

Guppies Hot Rod Grille in Kimberly has closed to ensure safety of employees

Xrossway Fitness has closed due to poor conditions

Fashion 15 and Below in Downtown Twin Falls is closed today

The Boys and Girls Club is shut down for the day

Kids Ink Learning Center is shut down.

Monterey Jacks Pizza in Kimberly

Rudy's A Cook's Paradise will close early

The Barbershop at Gehrig Dale and Co will have reduced hours

Valley House closed early

Busters in Hollister is closed

The Boat House in Burley is closed

America's Best contacts is closed

Burnt Lemon Grill is closed

That is just to name a few right now. We will update as more information comes in. Any business that has not made this list was not malicious or intentional. We are still working on more information.

If you know of a business closure please let us know so we can add it to this list. It will be updated throughout the day.

More winter weather is expected throughout today and into parts of tomorrow. Be prepared for possible power outages, slide offs and more school closures tomorrow. They are possible.

Stay safe out there. The snow is definitely something we need this year. We just also want everyone to be safe.

Now it is time for me to go invest in a remote start and 4 wheel drive vehicle.

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